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Venous disease (Phlebology)

Take leg issues seriously!

Spider veins and bluish veins on the legs usually represent a primarily cosmetic problem for the sufferers. However, they may indicate a failure function of the deep leg veins, which can result in serious problems (ulcers, the so-called "open leg").


Each therapy starts with an accurate diagnosis given by a vein specialist


In order to detect and repair more severe defects, a vein specialist (a phlebotomist) will give a detailed diagnosis at the beginning of therapy. The examinations necessary for this can be performed outpatient in our practice. Dr. med. Maren Stoffels-Weindorf is our specialist in phlebology.


Only if no defects are present in the deeper veins or if these are resolved, a therapy of the visible, superficial veins can have the desired effect. In case of severe vein problems and in certain circumstances a surgery may be required, that usually can be performed outpatient.


Different therapies can be combined

The optimal therapy for the removal of spider veins is now often a combination of different desolation therapies: the so-called manual sclerotherapy and the laser therapy.


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