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Benign skin alterations

An accurate diagnosis is important
Many clearly benign but disturbing lesions may be treated very well with the help of the laser: These are for example epidermal nevi, fibromas, xanthelasmas or warts.

The laser removes the skin alterations in layers
The erbium: YAG laser removes benign skin alterations painlessly, with minimal bleeding and in layers. This way, it can be operated very precisely - as opposed to conventional methods the result here does not leave any scars behind. Also warts can be treated bloodlessly with the dye laser in multiple sessions. In the preliminary talk with the doctor you can find out how your skin alteration can be removed.

Removing moles with the laser?
The term "mole" is a generic term that does not provide an accurate diagnosis. Usually pigmented birthmarks are not being removed with the laser, as no histological (microscopic) examination can be done. The risk is too big that potential malignant cells cannot be completely removed with the laser. These kind of lesions have to be surgically removed and examined histologically. In order to control pigmented skin lesions , we recommend doing a skin screening on a regular basis.

The following benign skin alterations can generally be removed with the laser:

• Xanthelasmata
• Verrucae (warts)
• sebaceous gland hyperplasia
• syringomas
• papillomas
• clearly benign skin lesions, e.g. coriale nevi
• Keratome, keratosis
• fibroids
• condylomata acuminata
• senile warts

Should your skin alteration not be listed above, please contact us


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