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Erbium : YAG laser


• scars (acne scars)

• warts

• moles

• xanthelasmata

• papillomas, also in the genital area

• milia

• improvement of the skins´ structure and - texture

• inter alia, raised skin alterations


Treatment parameters:

Light pulses in the infrared range (invisible spectral range). Extremely strong heat radiation.


Duration of treatment:

Often one session is sufficient.



Depending on pain sensitivity and localization either a surface-acting anesthetic cream or local anesthesia is required. Large-scale treatments, e.g. laser therapy for acne scars can, if desired, also take place under general anesthesia ( sedation) under the supervision of our anesthesiologist Dr. Med. Sebastian Koch.


After- treatment: sun protection in the area of lips / face: herpes prophylaxis

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