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Acne vulgaris

Acne is one of the most common skin diseases

80 - 90% of all teenagers suffer from a more or less severe form of acne – this is why it is among the most common skin diseases. As a consolation: in adulthood acne usually disappears again by itself.


What types of acne are there?

There are different types of acne. The three types that occur most often and that differ in their severity are the following.In case of a mild type, the so-called blackheads show, also known as comedones: this is why this form of acne is called acne comedones. If pimples and pustules join on the face and on upper back often, it is being referred to it as papulopustular acne. The most severe type of acne is the acne conglobata, affecting mostly young men. Here, the skin of the face, upper body and arms is often strongly inflamed.


What causes acne?

Acne is caused by an increased sebum production (oily skin) with a simultaneous cornification disorder. However, the increased sebum represents an ideal breeding ground for bacteria that can cause the acne-typical inflammations. It occurs age-related during puberty, but can as well be influenced by genes and evoked through other factors such as e.g. drugs, hormones and cosmetics.


Affected body parts

Unfortunately, an acne is especially active on visible body parts: affected areas are mainly the face, the neck, the chest and the back.


Is there an appropriate treatment?

With the help of the right treatment, it is the first goal of acne treatment to prevent the emergence of permanent acne scars as much as possible. This can be achieved though a suitable skin care and, if necessary, with the help of drug therapy. Some forms of acne strictly require medical monitoring and medication to counteract the formation of severe inflammations and scarring.


And if it comes to scarring anyway ...?

Should scarring have occurred anyway, a significant improvement of the skin´s condition can be achieved through the combination of different treatment options. Next to laser therapy for the surface improvement of the skin´s texture, injections (e.g. using hyaluronic acid) can be used for single, deep scars.


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