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Pigmented skin alterations

Brown spots on the skin are often disturbing
Pigmented skin alterations appear as a more or less large, brownish discoloration of the skin. They may be tiny like freckles or palm-sized. They can exist since birth like the cafe-au-lait spot, form due to hormonal changes such as the chloasma / melasma or develop in the course of life under the influence of sunlight such as the sun or age spots. Hyper-or hyperpigmentation or postinflammatory hyperpigmentation often occur after previous inflammatory processes. As an example it can be named the brownish discoloration in the face after a healed acne.

Pigmented skin alterations preferably show on body parts exposed to the sun
As different the cause and emergence of the above mentioned alterations may be, people that are affected experience the more or less brownish discoloration as annoying, especially since it shows on uncovered body parts such as the face, hands or the décolleté.


Good therapeutic results with the ruby laser
Especially age and sun spots (in medical terms; solar lentigines or senile lentigines), which form in the course of aging on lower arms and hands are associated with "aging". Usually they can easily be removed with the ruby laser in 1-2 sessions. For the treatment of other, treatable pigmentary changes of the skin multiple session may be required.

An accurate diagnosis is important
Pigmented skin alterations implicitly have to be examined for benignity prior to any laser treatment. Only a consulting physician can distinguish benign pigmented moles that may be treated with the laser from those that are possible precursors of skin cancer. This includes for example the lentigo maligna or even the malignant malignancy, which is the dangerous and so-called "black skin cancer." These indications cannot be treated with the laser and instead have to be removed surgically. An early diagnosis is the prerequisite for good chances of recovery.

Treatment options:

• age spots (senile lentigines)
• sunspots (solar lentigines)
• café-au-lait spots (white coffee stains)
• chloasma (melasma)
• hyper pigmentation (hyperpigmentation)
• pigmented spots
• postinflammatory hyperpigmentation
• freckles


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