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Laser treatment

Laser treatment
Treatment options with the laser
The entry of laser technology in the areas of dermatology and aesthetic medicine, created many new treatment options. For the first time, some diseases could now be treated more effectively. Nowadays, there are few if any problems to skin and hair, which cannot be treated with a laser.


Various devices are required
A laser works very selectively, that is, depending on the wavelength, the laser light is investigating different targets in the skin. This can for example be: the red blood pigment (hemoglobin) in the treatment of red veins, haemangioma and spider veins, the body's pigment (melanin) or tattoo color.  Furthermore, it is useful in the removal of hair, brown sun- or age spots and tattoos. The laser can target tissue water in the removal of benign skin moles and acne scars. The surrounding skin structures are thus not being co-treated and hence, not harmed.


The dermatologic spectrum of laser medicine

The dermatologic spectrum that can be covered by laser treatment of skin and hair, is extremely diverse. It the following we have given our best to present you a comprehensive overview of the services offered by us. Nevertheless, it is possible that the your desired treatment is not listed. In that case, please contact us for further information.

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