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Ultrasound examination of the veins

What qualifications does a vein specialist have?

The specialist in vein disease is called a phlebologist. This additional title may be worn by specialists who have received a respective further education in that field. Mrs. Dr. Med. Frauke Welke- Reichwein and Dr. med. Mark Steinert, are our vein specialists at the Laser Medicine Center Rhine-Ruhr.


What examinations does the vein specialist do?

After a detailed inquire of the medical history and a clinical examination, the diagnosis of venous disease involves the following further investigations:


The venous occlusion plethysmography:

Here the blood drain and the abundance of blood veins are being painlessly measured with the help of blood pressure cuffs and sensors that are applied to the leg.


The photoplethysmography:

The photoplethysmography determines the venous pressure at rest and during movement of the calf muscles. An infrared light button transmits the amount of blood under the skin veins to the physician.


Doppler ultrasound examination:

Using a Doppler ultrasound, the flow velocity and the flow direction of the blood in the veins is measured. This shows whether the blood flows back to the lack due to faulty vein valves, instead of being transported up to the heart. All vein portions can be successively analyzed one by one to determine where the blood flow is disturbed. Also blockages of the veins (blood clots) can be diagnosed using the Doppler. Which of these examinations is necessary in your case is being decided by the treating physician.


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