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Dr. med. Markus Steinert

Focus areas: plastic, reconstructive tumor surgery of the skin, laser medicine, rectal hemorrhoids, venous surgery, aesthetic plastic surgery (plastic surgery).
After studying medicine and earning his doctorate at the University of Ulm as well as a study visit at the University Hospital of Vienna, Mr Steinert engaged in further education leading to the title of dermatologist, allergist and phlebotomists (vein specialist) at the Department of Dermatology in Tuebingen.
Following this, he educated himself further in environmental medicine and the ultrasound examination of the skin, lymph nodes and blood vessels (duplex sonography).

Study visits in the U.S. and global internships in the field of aesthetic medicine completed his extensive medical training.

Dr. Steinert is a collaborating physician at the Laser Medicine Center Rhine-Ruhr (Laser Medizin Zentrum Rhein-Ruhr) and performs outpatient venous surgeries (stripping, endoluminal laser therapy) as well as large port-wine stains amongst others. Together with his wife he owns a practice in Biberach, Riß (

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