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Nail fungus (onychomycosis)

Treatment of nail fungus is often time consuming

The treatment of nail fungus proved to be extremely time consuming in the past, because it had to be treated with tincture all until the diseased nail had grown out. At a growth rate of 0.5 - 1.2 mm per week , the necessary treatment time could therefore amount to over half a year! This often led to frustrations and to the fact that the treatment was unsuccessful terminated. Also, patients often shrank back from the intake of pills due to the accompanying side effects.


Laser therapy replaces lengthy therapy

Since 2009 it is possible to treat the affected nails with the Nd: YAG laser in a few sessions. This way, the laser light heats up the nail plate, as a result, the by fungus affected cells are killed. Often 2-4 sessions at monthly intervals are sufficient.


Why does nail fungus occur?

Nail fungus usually follows an inadequately or untreated athlete's foot (tinea pedis). Fungi love a moist, warm climate and are found mainly in saunas and swimming pools as well as in changing rooms and showers. Since many people go barefoot at these places, the risk of infection is increased. But also on hotel carpets or even on your own bath mat you can find fungi.


Who is at risk most?

Particularly at risk are people who often suffer from small injuries on their feet. Through these small injuries, the fungi penetrate into the skin and cause an infection. Therefore, we also count athletes as part of the risk group - in addition to the increased risk of injury due to mechanical stress (running, jumping), it is the moist, warm environment of athletic shoes that increases the risk here!


Older people are particularly affected as well.


How can I prevent nail fungus?

Here are a few simple rules that will help prevent the pesky foot and nail fungus:

• Do not wear too tight and no air-impermeable footwear!

• Disinfect your shoes regularly!

• Wear stockings and socks made of breathable materials!

• Wash the stockings and socks at at least 60 ° C or use a hygienic rinses!

• Dry feet -and toes gaps thoroughly after bathing or showering - even a hair dryer can be helpful! • Use separate towels for the feet!

• Wear slippers in public swimming pools and saunas!

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