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Tattoo removal

A tattoo for eternity?
Decorating the body with an interesting tattoo arouses the attention of many, particularly young people. Unfortunately, the initial attractiveness often fades quickly: what was made for eternity, sometimes becomes a disturbing factor, especially in professional and public life.

Different lasers for different colors
Laser therapy has established itself as the optimal application in the gentle and permanent removal of unwanted tattoos. With only a few exceptions, all tattoo inks are treatable by the laser nowadays. For this sake, there are various systems available. In the Laser Medicine Centre we use a ruby laser, a Nd: YAG or a KTP Nd: YAG laser depending on the color of the tattoo. In addition, in order to increase the results of an individual treatment session, we offer a combination of different laser systems.

Black, blue, green, red , pink and orange- colored pigments can easily be destroyed with this system. However, it is very difficult – or even impossible- to remove yellow, white, brown and flesh-colored pigments, but fortunately these do not stand out on the surrounding skin.


The laser destroys the pigments in layers

By help of the laser the tattoo ink is being removed layer by layer from the skin. The laser´s light records and respectively scatters the uppermost layer of the coat of paint. The tiny paint particles are then being absorbed by the body as a waste product. This way, the tattoo becomes brighter over time until finally it is hardly or no longer perceptible. Removing a tattoo always requires multiple treatment sessions. The exact number depends among others on the type of tattoo (professional, amateur tattoo) and the intensity and quality of the tattooing.

Special forms of "tattoos", which can also be treated but partially under other conditions are permanent makeup or so-called accidental tattoos (e.g.filth inclusions through accidents, fireworks, charcoal).

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