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Health is the human´s greatest possession and should be treated as such

Dear Patients,

I warmly welcome you to the Laser Medicine Centre Rhine-Ruhr (Laser Medizin Zentrum Rhein-Ruhr) and I am happy to introduce you to the doctors, the staff and the philosophy of the Laser Medicine Centre Rhine Ruhr. I want to use this opportunity to do both, present to you our wide range of services in the fields of dermatology and laser medicine in an understandable but precise way as well as provide you with an insight into the atmosphere at our clinic.

I hope that this has been achieved.

Your  Reinhard W. Gansel

Medical team

With the exercise of his work, the doctor takes a lot of responsibility for the health and welfare of his patients. For this reason, all treatments at the Laser Medicine Center Rhine-Ruhr (Laser Medizin Zentrum Rhein-Ruhr) are being carried out by qualified doctors or under medical supervision. It is only this way that medical treatments without unnecessary risks are made possible.

The Practice

The Laser Medicine Center Rhine-Ruhr (Laser Medizin Zentrum Rhein-Ruhr) was founded in 1996 and is thus one of the first laser centers in Germany. For more than 15 years and under the specialist direction of dermatologist Reinhard Gansel, the spectrum of the practice combines traditional dermatology with laser medicine.


01.09.2012: With Miss Cagla Yildirim we have got a new trainee.
21.-23.09.2012: The annual meeting of the German Dermatological Laser Society (Deutsche Dermatologische Lasergesellschaft e.V.), which took place in 2012 in the Colosseum Theatre in Essen under the leadership of Mr. Gansel was a complete success ... News

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